Mammoth BioControl: Insects and Mites Preventative

Mammoth BioControl: Insects and Mites Preventative


MAMMOTH® Biocontrol Preventative Insecticide (MB-PI) utilizes compounds in thyme oil found to be highly effective in pest prevention and control.
100% All Natural Ingredients
Exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide. Plant-derived ingredients leave zero toxic residue, and are safe when used as directed for testing.

MAMMOTH® Biocontrol is a concentrated solution that dilutes into water at the low rate of 3oz per gallon. *Use of a surfactant is necessary – please see label*



Directions for use
1. Shake well before and after diluting.
2. Mix 3oz (90ml) MAMMOTH® Biocontrol concentrate in one gallon of water.
3. Use with surfactant/wetting agent according to label.
How to apply
1. Compatible with all types of hand and power sprayers. Read and carefully follow instructions for type of sprayer.
2. Use sufficient spray volume to achieve thorough coverage.
3. Agitate sprayer every 15 minutes to prevent product separation.
4. Cover both tops and bottoms of leaves and stems thoroughly. Saturate to point of run-off.
250ml Dilutes into 2.8 gallons
500ml Dilutes into 5.6 gallons
1000ml Dilutes into 11.3 gallons
1 Gallon Dilutes into 42.7 gallons

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1 Gallon, 1L, 250mL, 500mL

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