General Hydroponics Flora Duo

General Hydroponics Flora Duo


This new nutrient is complete, balanced, and very simple; and like all of General Hydroponics’ formulas, it is highly concentrated and cost effective. FloraDuo makes all the essential macro and micro nutrients available to your garden and also provides plants with specific ingredients to help resist pathogens and insects.

It is a 2-part formula, FloraDuo A and FloraDuo B It is designed for all growing methods: including hydroponics, soil, and coco blends. For vegetative growth- combine 3 parts “A” with 1 part “B”. For flowering- combine 3 parts “B” with 1 part “A”. The ratios of key ingredients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate and micronutrients, all change to meet plant needs.

FloraDuo A 5-0-6

FloraDuo B 1-5-4


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Flora Duo

FloraDuo A Quart, FloraDuo A Gallon, FloraDuo A 2.5 Gallon, FloraDuo A 6 Gallon, FloraDuo B Quart, FloraDuo B Gallon, FloraDuo B 2.5 Gallon, FloraDuo B 6 Gallon

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