Alchemist® H2O2 Liquid Oxygen 34%

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  • Alchemist® H2O2 Liquid Oxygen 34%


    Alchemist™ Liquid Oxygen H2O2 is composed of 34% hydrogen peroxide. Use with caution. Keep away from children. This product is excellent for cleaning hydroponic equipment, materials and grow areas. It is considered unlawful to sell, use or distribute this product in ways other than as claimed.

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  • Alchemist® Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9%


    99.9% lab reagent/technical-grade isopropyl alcohol. Removes saps and grunge from scissors, blades and equipment quickly and easily.

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  • CannaBrush Trimming Brush


    Product Details

    You might never look at trimming the same after using the CannaBrush™! It’s fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and fun. Simply grab a stalk of properly dried flowers and brush from top to bottom until you’ve reached the desired look. The CannaBrush™ has three rows of specifically designed silicone paddles which are perfect for removing foliage with minimal impact to the final product. Brushing is an ergonomic motion and puts nominal stress on your hands, wrists, and eyes. With proper technique, the brush feels natural even when working various angles to achieve the desired look. Clean easily by freezing the brush and gently knocking off the resin tips. With the CannaBrush™ you can have the appearance of traditional scissor trimmed product in much less time.

    • Ergonomic hand brush for leaf removal
    • Food-grade silicone paddles
    • Fast, consistent results

    Technical Specifications:
    Weight: 2.7 oz.
    Width x Height: 2.25″ x 10.5″
    Paddle Material: 100%
    Food Grade Silicone
    Brush Head Angle: 15°
    From Handle Properties: Resin Resistant

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  • Fiskars® Forged Pruner


    An ultra-durable, ergonomic design provides comfortable use when cutting stems and branches up to 3/4 in diameter. Our Forged Pruner features forged steel construction for excellent durability and an ergonomic design with an angled cutting head that helps reduce wrist fatigue. A fully hardened, precision-ground forged steel blade stays sharp and the handle includes non-slip grips. Easy-open lock protects the blade during transport and storage.

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  • Fiskars® Micro-Tip® Pruning Shears

    Shape and trim plants and flowers to encourage healthy growth with the precision blades on Fiskars® Micro-Tip® Pruning Shears. Perfect for reaching into tight spaces for intricate snips, these pointed blades cut all the way to the tip for clean, precise, healthy cuts and feature fully hardened, stainless steel blades with a precision-ground edge for long-lasting sharpness–even through heavy use. Extra-large handle loops leave plenty of space for gardeners with larger hands or those wearing gloves, while Softgrip® touchpoints enhance comfort and control. An included blade cover protects the blades when not in use.
    • Fiskars® Micro-Tip® Pruning Shears feature precise blades that cut all the way to the tip for clean, healthy cuts in tight spaces
    • Fully hardened, precision-ground, stainless steel blades stay sharp–even through heavy use
    • Extra-large handle loops leave ample space for fingers–even for gardeners with larger hands or gloves; Softgrip® touchpoints add comfort and control
    • Ideal for intricate cuts on plants and flowers while trimming and shaping
    • Manufacturer full lifetime warranty
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  • Fiskars® Non-Stick Softgrip® Micro-Tip Pruning Snip


    Perfect for encouraging healthy growth on plants and flowers, the precision blades on Fiskars® Non-stick Micro-Tip® Pruning Snips are ideal for shaping, repetitive trimming and intricate snips. Precise, Micro-Tip® blades cut all the way to the tip for clean, healthy cuts in tight spaces, while fully hardened, stainless steel blades with a precision-ground edge stay sharp – even through heavy use. Blades are enhanced with a special non-stick coating to help reduce jamming and resin build-up when cutting through sticky plants. Awarded the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of UseSM Commendation, these snips feature an Easy Action(TM) spring that gently opens the blades after every cut to help reduce hand fatigue derived from repetitive cuts – especially helpful for gardeners with arthritis or limited hand strength. Additionally, comfortable handles feature Softgrip® touchpoints for enhanced comfort and control, while an easy-open lock and blade cover protects blades for safe transport and storage.

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  • Grower’s Edge Twist Tie Dispenser with Cutter


    Grower’s Edge® Red Twist Tie is ideal for tying plants, vegetables and vines to stakes and trellises. The red plastic coating will stand out against your plants for easy recognition. Great for all kinds of gardening. 164 ft roll or 328 ft roll with built-in cutting tool.

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  • Grower’s Edge® Green Twist Tie Dispenser with Cutter


    Grower’s Edge® Green Twist Tie is ideal for tying plants, vegetables and vines to stakes and trellises. The green plastic coating blends with your plants. Great for all kinds of gardening. 164 ft roll or 328 ft roll with built-in cutting tool.

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  • Grower’s Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie


    Use Grower’s Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie with UV inhibitors to attach plant stems to stakes or support racks easily without damaging your plants. It is great for indoor or outdoor use. The Grower’s Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie is reusable and long lasting. It is a soft, foam-coated wire that is flexible and easy to cut. Choose from 16 ft, 50 ft or 250 ft lengths.

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  • Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Seal Bags (Black/Clear)


    Harvest Keeper® Black and Clear Sealer Bags keeps garden vegetables, meats and other food products fresh up to 5 times longer than other storage options. Harvest Keeper® Black and Clear Sealer Bags, when used properly with a vacuum sealer, provide an airtight seal to keep moisture and air out. These bags save time and money by reducing freezer burn and extending the lifespan of your food. Black and Clear Bags blocks out harmful light while allowing you to see what’s inside. Saves space and eliminates odors. Convenient and versatile. Product is BPA-free and is made from FDA-approved food-safe materials. Please follow FDA food safety guidelines. Comes in precut bag sizes 11 in x 18 in and 15 in x 20 in or rolls 11 in or 15 in x 19-1/2 ft.

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  • HM Digital™ Handheld TDS Tester Model TDS-3


    Ideal for commercial use. Includes a carrying case with belt clip. Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology. Hold function: saves measurements for convenient reading and recording. Auto-off function: the meter shuts off automatically after 10 min of non-use to conserve batteries. Measurement range: 0–9990 ppm. Display: large and easy-to-read LCD screen with built-in digital thermometer. Factory calibrated: Our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. Meters can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver. 1 year warranty.

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  • Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer


    Moonshine – A Powerful Bio-Stimulant

    Moonshine has got the whole hydroponics industry talking right now! It’s a natural product that boosts growth and vigour in practically every area of the plant. With this organic booster expect to see stronger root systems, quicker flowering times, bigger fruits, better aromas and plants with an increased resistance to stress!

    Read our Blog about Moonshine Foliar and Nutrient Enhancer Here

    • Powerful organic bio-stimulant that increases nutrient uptake
    • Contains plant growth stimulators (not PGRs)
    • Reduce feed strength by 1/3 for mineral feeds (no reduction needed for organic feeds)
    • Does not alter EC or pH
    • Use right the way through your grow from start to finish
    • Increases nutrient uptake
    • Dramatically increases the growth and development of roots
    • Breaks down mineral nutrients &salts increasing cation exchange capacity in the growing medium
    • Contains sugars which help to fatten out fruits, adding weight and density
    • Improves the quality of your crop, as well as the size of your yield
    • An excellent source of plant hormones, auxin, gibberellin & cytokinin
    • Can be used with any growing medium or grow system – hydroponics, coco and soil!
    • 100% safe – free from carcinogens and other nasty chemicals
    • Increases resistance to drought, disease and adverse environmental conditions
    • Stimulates the production of terpenes – the molecules responsible for pungent aromas
    • Use at just 1ml/litre or 4ml/Gallon
    • Helps plants to finish up early – for a faster turnaround time
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  • Nutrilife H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide, 29%


    A 29% liquid concentrate solution that adds oxygen to nutrient solutions through the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Nutrilife H2O2 is an Oxygen source for plants and soil. Nutrilife H2O2 (29%) makes it easy to increase oxygen levels around the root zone .When mixed with irrigation water, H2O2 offers plant roots and soil biota extra oxygen, that may improve root function and yield. Plant health and vigour rely heavily on the roots getting enough oxygen — roots need O2 to convert carbohydrates to energy. Part of a well balanced nutrient solution. 

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