The Hydroponics Industry Is Having a Moment and the Future Is Looking Bright

Whether you call it hydroponics, soil-less farming, vertical farming, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), or indoor farming, this innovative form of horticulture is having a big, big moment.

Hydroponics has grown increasingly popular across the country, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. In somewhat surprising fashion, this style of farming/gardening has continued to grow despite the need for various hydroponic growing supplies. Everything from grow light hangersto hydroponic cloning supplies need to be purchased and acquired in order for anyone to successfully operate a hydroponic garden setup.

People aren’t shying away from buying these products, however, and it’s leading to a massive economic boom for the hydroponics sector. In fact, in 2016, the market value of fluorescent grow lights alone totaled nearly $50 million.

Already, hydroponic crop production is a higher yield method of growth, as well as enhanced productivity and lower stress. But one of the main reasons it continues to grow at a rapid rate is its incredible promise for the future. Traditional soil farming can try to catch up with the changing times, but it’s not looking great for conventional methods. With hydroponics, on the other hand, the process can virtually change however we like. Thanks to innovative programs, increased technology, and clever customization of system components, the entire hydroponics market can successfully adapt, potentially becoming the global standard in the near future.

Another reason this form of agriculture continues to grow is the millennial generation welcoming this innovative process. The average millennial is much more interested in high-tech grow light hangers and sleek hydroponic designs than grabbing a shovel and dealing with pounds and pounds of soil.

Times have certainly changed but our need for healthy crops has not. Again, this emerging industry is having a moment and it’s here to stay. If you want to find your own quality grow light hanger, lighting equipment, or other hydroponics supplies, give Healthy Harvest a call today.